Zachary R. McKee

Former Teaching Assistant at Illinois Tech

B.S. Computer Science -- 2020

McCormick School of Engineering

Northwestern University



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A home security system built using a Raspberry Pi, optimized for affordability and ease of use.

Developed at MHacks X.

PiAlert is a security system that is set up on your home network. Once connected to your network, you may SMS text messages to PiAlert's number in order to use it. Sending "Start" activates the system. Once the system is activated, the infrared sensor will begin checking for intruders. If an intruder is detected, you will receive a call as well as a SMS text alerting you of the situation, and the speaker will set off an alarm sound. The user may then opt to inform authorities by sending a "911" command, or they may confirm it was a false positive with a "False Positive" command to restart the system. Sending "Shutdown" will shutdown the system.