Zachary R. McKee

Former Teaching Assistant at Illinois Tech

B.S. Computer Science -- 2020

McCormick School of Engineering

Northwestern University



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Note-taking software that allows students to look up confusing terms incredibly quickly, using a sidebar that includes a summary of a relevant Wikipedia article.

Developed at Boilermake V, Purdue University's 2017 hackathon.

NoteMaker is a desktop application programmed entirely in Python. This is an application aimed towards students that want to have easy access to online resources (Wikipedia, Stack Exchange) in the same application that they are taking notes in. This would help increase student retention of lectures by reducing the amount of time students spend disengaged from the lecture to do a quick Internet search for something in their notes.

On the topmost portion of the sidebar is the Wikipedia excerpt module. Below that is the Stack Exchange module.

I and our team gained a large amount of experience in real-world Python programming. We've spent a lot of time going through APIs and reading them, gaining experience in parsing through third-party libraries. This will be useful for us going forward as we continue our hackathon career.