Zachary R. McKee

Former Teaching Assistant at Illinois Tech

B.S. Computer Science -- 2020

McCormick School of Engineering

Northwestern University



I am a rising junior computer science student that will be attending Northwestern University in the fall, with experience as a TA at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

In addition to pursuing my studies, I'm in the process of searching for a software development internship position for summer 2019. If you are looking for an intern with a solid foundation in computer science concepts (as well as a healthy passion for programming), I'd love to hear from you.

I have started attending my first hackathons in fall 2017 by attending MHacks X and Boilermake V back-to-back. In spring 2018, I attended HackIllinois. I spent my time there developing my first RESTful API for a chrome extension. You can find specific details about the things I helped make at my Devpost profile., as well as the Projects section on this website.

For my choice of programming languages, I am most experienced (and comfortable) with Python. I also have experience writing programs in Java and C, though I can adapt to new imperative languages relatively quickly. I also have a small amount of experience with functional programming, though I have not been completely able to adjust to the functional paradigm yet.

I also have classroom experience with SQL (Oracle SQL and PostgreSQL) -- so I'm able to do work with databases.

I use both Windows and Linux as operating systems of choice, depending on the task at hand -- if I'm doing a lot of programming work, I'll boot Ubuntu. If I want to take advantage of Microsoft's technologies (primarily for gaming), I'll switch to Windows.


I sometimes joke to myself that I was born with a keyboard in my hands. Since I was very little, computers have always fascinated me. The sheer complexity that goes into these machines is captivating -- if you have seen the schematics for any processor (such as the Intel 8008), you know what I mean.

In my free time, I enjoy PC gaming. Some old favorite titles of mine include Team Fortress 2, the Mass Effect series, and Simcity 4.

Recently, I've also started to enjoy cooking -- it's somewhat similar to programming in that when you do either of these things, you start with a simple collection of entities (ingredients in cooking, language syntax and keywords in programming) that you put together to form a complex, rich final product.